"Steel Wealth Country, benefit our country with steel."

- Tae Joon Park, the founder of POSCO -

Under capitalism, avoiding risk is equal to taking all risks.

Wheerang, which has the slogan ‘The brilliant wave of light - We always achieve victory’, was founded in 2018, as a subsidiary company of POSTECH Holdings. POSTECH is the Best Science and Engineering Prestigious University in Korea.

Plenty of startups have been born, but few of them have a significant business model, and most of them end up going out of business desperately.

Three out of Four startups in Korea go out of business in 5 years, though capital in the startup industry increases sharply year to year.

Like this, closing is the default of startup. But it is an inevitable situation.

Defeat is promised to people who launch their business without understanding of capitalism and entrepreneurship.

Total investment amount of Korea in 2018

About $3.5 billion

$1.5 billion increased compared to last year

<Statistics and Trends of Venture Investment in Korea>, Small and Medium Business Venture Department

Size of government start-up support in 2019

About $1.1 billion

<Status of government start-up support projects>, Small and Medium Business Venture Department

Domestic start-up closure rate in 2018


In 5 years

<Statistics and status of venture investment in Korea>, Small and Medium Business Venture Department

Nevertheless, we exist for you who make meaningful creative destruction.

We overcome the death valley together.

Wheerang sometimes run together, sometimes pushes strongly, sometimes gives you a hand when you fall down.

Startup incubation is not just transmission of knowledge in the true sense.

Every business is different and every startup founder has each one’s business.

Wheerang don’t invest directly but we are in the intersection of the industry.

We do our best to support you with our insight and aspect


 We help the startup industry through our developed and designed incubating system and deliver entrepreneurship based on creative destruction.


 Our role in the venture company incubating industry is the same as “steel”, the basis in the whole industry. We contribute to the maturity of Korean startup industry, following POSTECH spirit.


 We recognize and discover the unique value of each company, and we always do our best to sincerely help our business partners.