Organizational structure of Wheerang

Director Group

Director Group consists of the CEO and other directors. Director Group decides the politics and direction for each role. Director Group discusses the operating system, business strategy etc in the whole view and executes with team members.

Business Strategy team

Business Strategy team manages the whole business issue and projects, and also builds and stabilizes the business system. Besides, the team commands the whole process of projects like planning, constructing, getting orders, etc. The team members have understanding of unlisted investment and the capability of designing & evaluating based on company analysis capability.

Development Automation team

Development Automation team, newly founded in 2021, develops the platform for incubation/screening/evaluation. The team develops the system for the hub of analysis and information of the startup industry.

Business Support office

Business Support office supports and executes the works of Business Strategy team. The office operates and assists to smooth operation of the company, and run the field of the projects. The office has the role of account and HRD. All interns should work in Business Support office.

Skilled employee politics of Wheerang

In addition to general rank, there is skilled employee politics of Wheerang. Choosing one function according to the technical staff system, employees can go through skilled employee promotion.

General rank system

After a certain period of work for each position, promotion is passed through promotion screening

Skilled employee rank system

Select one of the operation functions for each team/office to which you belong and work additionally for the function

Operation functions for each team/office

Business Strategy team

Venture Incubating Investment (Accelerating)

Project Design(PM)

Development Automation team

System development

Information processing system

Big data/Statistics

Automation & Development (Computer)

Business Support office

Accounting system

HR system management

Culture Strategy team

(Newly planned for 2022 )