“The Intersection between Wheerang(輝浪) and Unlisted investment industry”

Wheerang is the linkage for startup Incubation/Analysis/Evaluation.

Wheerang follows the thought of the steel wealth country of POSCO and value management of POSTECH.

Wheerang is a subsidiary company of POSTECH Holdings, reading, analyzing, incubating, and designing entrepreneurship.

Wheerang works as a crosspoint, not only for incubation but also fair analysis and evaluation.

Currently, evaluation, incubation, and investment are not classified in the startup(Unlisted investment) industry.

Our focus is on evaluation and incubation among these functions, and we design programs based on these roles.

We analyze the company and provide differentiated accelerating made of our core competencies like system design and networking.


Wheerang provides customized incubation for startup founders regardless of steps.


Wheerang develops the solution helping startup founders grow and succeed practically.

Main projects

Total projects


B2B 35

B2C 2

Incubation targets


Startup education targets:  583

Engineering education:  targets 293



Startup lectures: 116

Engineering lectures: 44

▲ Cumulative data as of 2020