I’m Miri Choi, the CEO of Wheerang.

Thank you for visiting our website dear all of our partners . 

Our company, Wheerang, has been founded from the strategic investment of POSTECH Holdings(Technology Holding company of POSTECH) and we are specialized in venture incubating. We are dealing with “INVESTMENT ATTRACTION, BUSINESS REALIZATION, INTENSIVE MANAGEMENT, ENHANCEMENT OF PRACTICAL COMPETENCIES etc” with our partners, under the mission of designing a full-range of venture incubation program. Furthermore, inheriting the “Steel wealth country” legacy of POSTECH, we make way developing our solution incrementally.

We run our business targeting “The Intersection and Hub of Unlisted investment industry,  which captures the flow of economy and technology and secures fairness”. Currently, investors of unlisted investment industry deal with all of incubation, screening, evaluation, program design process. However, ‘Analysis, Evaluation, Investment’ must be classified and specialized in the Unlisted investment industry as well as the Listed investment industry and that is the reason why we focus on Analysis and Evaluation. Concentrating on these characteristics, we are designing our incubating program for all our customers.

I have experienced all the rewards and hardships completely in the startup industry for 7 years. I have been often asked ‘Why are you running your own business despite adversity and suffering?’. And I have told them like this. ‘Even if there are a lot of unexplained pain and trials from managing my own company, there is also a lot of pleasure and honor beyond them’. Many partners go forward with me. My school and POSTECH alumni become my home. My outstanding team members are always with me. All of these things are the fountain of my happiness. As a subsidiary company of the accelerator, it is our mission to read, analyze values of a lot of startups and find meaningful companies so that we can win together, and we believe in no doubt that we achieve our mission in all directions.

We will work with all of my heart. We promise that POSTECH spirit will be realized. We will go forward using all of our power. We look forward to your warm interest and support for us forward.

Thank you.


Miri Choi, the CEO of Wheerang

Management Philosophy

Wheerang achieves qualitative growth as well as quantitative growth simultaneously through three management philosophies.

Talent Management

With the philosophy of 'Manage with Virtue', we have a powerful human resources system that treats talented people and develop them as the core manpower of the company.

Practical Management

Eliminating useless justification and rudeness in order to share and accomplish the target of our company, we run our business in a practical way.

System Management

System management is considered as our main philosophy for specialization and efficiency. Every business is run by the system.

Spirit of Practice

Wheerang accepts ‘Productivism’ and ‘Humanitarian ideal’ and these are Core value of our business philosophy.


Productivism is directly connected to “Steel wealth country spirit” of Tae Joon Park, the founder of POSCO. Productivism is action-oriented values. If there is some value and thought, there should be no hesitation in development and production. We make our own unique, creative values through our own characteristics. Direct execution and development is our spirit.

Humanitarian ideal

We follow the ‘Humanitarian ideal’ spirit. We make a lot of people have benefits of our created values and services, and prevent few people from monopolizing them.